Washington State Affordable Law

Welcome to Washington State Affordable Law, a division of Robert Cossey and Associates that provides the option for you to handle common legal matters yourself, at a price you can afford, while still having the expertise of an attorney to guide you.

This alternative is not for everyone because frankly, you will have limited access to an attorney. But if you already know what you need, are good at filling out forms and willing to roll up your sleeves to save some money, this could be the right option for you.

We provide the forms and the legal know-how and you fill out the forms with the necessary information.

It’s easy, it’s at your own pace and it’s affordable!

Let’s get started...

Do you need a Will or Durable Power of Attorney?

Will and Testament

Durable Power of Attorney

Do you need your records vacated?

Vacating Misdemeanor Records

Vacating Felony Records

Do you need restoration of your gun rights?

Gun Rights Restoration

Do you need a divorce?

Uncontested Dissolution of Domestic Partnership

Uncontested Divorce

Do you need your records expunged?

Record Expungement of Non-Conviction Records

Filing Fee